Fixed Income Fund Information

Key Facts

Key Facts

wdt_IDKey FactsInfoinfo
5Asset ClassFixed Income
6CategoryGlobal Emerging
7Total Fund Assets, USD$42,963.178
8Fund Inception Date01/09/2016

Fund Characteristic

wdt_IDFund CharacteristicsInfo
1Credit RatingBB+
2Modified Duration7.54 years
3Yield to Worst8.19%

Investment Objective

Merit Fixed Income Fund aims to achieve attractive returns through a combination of capital growth and income preservation. At any one time, 90% of net assets of the fund are invested plus any leveraged amount utilized within the scope of investment purposes in sovereign or corporate debt securities of predominantly emerging market countries.

Core Principles

The fund’s investment philosophy encompasses the below key principles to structure the investment process in a disciplinary manner:

  • Higher weights should be allocated to countries, which carry strong or improving underlying fundamentals, attractive valuations, and potential return catalysts
  • Structure the fund’s top-down macroeconomic forecasts by formulating specific underlying country profiles to assess the impact from the external environment variables and global economic cyclicalities
  • Countries deficient in strong economic fundamentals and prone to a defacto credit quality downgrade should be avoided

Fundamental analysis should be coupled with a thorough underlying security selection process to lock in relative value opportunities across and within markets.

Fund Composition

Contributing the development of the world is an important component of our portfolio. We offer financing solutions as a natural extension of our strategy.

We are dedicated to identifying and investing with top performing businesses and projects that demonstrate exceptional potential.

Merit Fixed income Fund seeks to foster the growth and development of successful female leaders with whom, including Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprises that typically do not have access to funding.

Top Holdings

Top 10 Holdings

wdt_IDTop 10 Holdings% of Total
1GGB 1 7/8 02/04/356.76
2CYPRUS 1 1/4 01/21/405.37
3T 2 3/8 05/15/294.70
4RDSA NA4.02
5ACCESS 10 1/2 10/19/213.95
6BP/ LN3.70
7GGB 2 04/22/273.25
8KSA 4 1/2 04/22/603.05
9DD US2.72
10AXP US2.49

Rating Breakdown

Duration Breakdown

wdt_IDDuration Breakdown% of Total
10 - 1 yrs5.73
21 - 3 yrs9.37
33 - 5 yrs8.98
45 - 7 yrs6.57
57 - 10 yrs11.93
610+ yrs17.28

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